Massachusetts Needs a Proactive Lt. Governor


Lake with Massport and Port Authority of Lisbon signing a collaboration agreement to strengthen both ports for future growth


Lake signs historic agreement linking City of Lisbon, University of Lisbon and Massachusetts


Gov. Patrick, Lake, President Mas of Catalonia, Spain and US Ambassador Alan Solomont after signing agreement with Catalonia

What can your next Lieutenant Governor do that creates the most value for everyone in the Commonwealth?

Answer: The Lt. Governor can support our next Governor by attracting jobs, creating new state revenues from foreign businesses and building bridges for Massachusetts-based companies to expand internationally. The Lt. Governor can champion Massachusetts as the best place in America for foreign businesses to bring their jobs, opportunities and investment. The Lt. Governor can be our point person, liaison and chief promoter to that international community.

Mike Lake's vision for the Lieutenant Governor’s office is to serve as our liaison to the international community to proactively attract jobs and investment right here in Massachusetts.

Mike has the proven experience to bring jobs and investment to Massachusetts. While working with Governor Patrick on behalf of Massachusetts and local organizations, Mike facilitated partnership agreements with Spain, Mexico and Portugal—three countries looking to deepen economic ties to our Commonwealth. These partnerships reinforce Massachusetts’ leadership in life sciences, manufacturing, high tech and the broader innovation economy–all areas that will create new high-paying jobs for Massachusetts residents for years to come.

Massachusetts is operating in a global economy—it is time Massachusetts fully competes in that global arena.