3 Peabody City Councilors Endorse Mike Lake for Lieutenant Governor

Boston – Three Peabody City Councilors endorsed Mike Lake, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor for Massachusetts on Wednesday.

City Councilor Barry Sinewitz hailed Lake’s leadership and experience as crucial factors in preparing him to help lead Massachusetts as Lt. Governor.

"I am proud to endorse Mike Lake as the next Lieutenant Governor because in him, the next Governor will have a true partner,” Sinewitz said. “Mike is highly experienced and well-versed in many issues, but he is specifically knowledgeable about economic development, healthcare and education. I am delighted to offer my support."

Peabody City Councilor Tom Gould also released his endorsement of Lake on Wednesday. Gould said that Lake’s experience and education prepares me to begin working for Massachusetts from the start.

“I’m pleased to endorse Mike Lake as the next Lieutenant Governor,” Gould said. “When I think about the executive-level experience that he brings to the job and his passion for public service, I know that Mike is peerless in this race.”

Peabody City Councilor Tom Walsh also endorsed Lake on Wednesday, citing his skills and experience to bring new energy to Beacon Hill.

"I am excited to endorse Mike Lake as the next Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. He's smart, energetic and experienced. More than that, he's got the right experience to bring new life to the Lieutenant Governor's office. We need that in Massachusetts now more than ever."

Lake said he was proud to have the support of the councilmembers and reiterated his belief that the Lt. Governor must be a liaison for cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

“I am proud to have the support of these three councilmembers,” Lake said. “They are excellent public servants who are thoroughly knowledgeable about Peabody, and I look forward to working with them.”

A former Clinton appointee, Lake launched his campaign for Lieutenant Governor in March 2013. He is the President and CEO of Leading Cities and has amassed support from activists, business leaders, labor unions and government leaders, including former Governor Michael Dukakis.